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FAQ  Maya Reed Diffuser   

            What is Reed Diffuser?
            Reed Diffuser is alternative way of using the diffuser to create relaxing atmosphere in your place instead of using the scented candle. Reed Diffuser is safer because there are no flammable materials.

            How it works?
            Reed Diffuser are coming with the reed stick, its function to absorb the perfume and continually diffuser the scents.

            Specialiy of reed
            Diameter of Reed stick is 3 mm. which has more than twenty tiny channel in the stick. These tiny channels have an important function as the way to absorb the scent through the stick and diffuser the scent into the air.

            What make Maya Reed Diffuser Different?
            We are highly concern on the process of choosing the material and ingredient for producing Maya Reed Diffuser. We are using high quality ingredient which is safer and eco-friendly. The specialty qualification of our Maya Reed Diffuser is non-flammable because the ingredient is free from alcohol thus,our product can be transport by air without any problem.

            Maya Reed Diffuser has Alcohol or DPG Dipropylene Glycol as an ingredient?
            Maya Reed Diffuser is free from Alcohol or DPG (Dipropylene Glycol) which is commonly founded in low-price Reed Diffuser because Alcohol or DPG Dipropylene has lower price.
            Maya specislly choose the high-quality ingredient which can diffuser the scents more effective, non-flammable, no block way of stick to diffuser the scent.

            What is the inspiration for each scent? 
            Maya’s reed diffuser came up with the idea of making our home fragrance with the unique identity among our scents by selected the perfectly combination of Top note , Middle note and Base note. Reed diffuser is more than a function of using but also give an experience for user to approach the aesthetic of scent.

            How many size for Maya Reed Diffuser?
            Maya Reed Diffuser products will be available on three size which are 40 ml. and
 100 ml. which is come with the designed bottle and sticks inside with the product.
            We also provided refill size with 500 ml. which is suitable for the people who want to refill the perfume with their own bottle.

            How many scents of Maya Reed Diffuser?        
            Best Seller Scents?
            Maya Reed Diffuser is available for more than 18-19 Scents. Every scent differently represents their own uniqueness as the way for the way for the user to be chose the right scents to their own favorable.
            3 top best seller which is highly recommend will be Earl Grey Reed Diffuser , Maya Lover Diffuser , Pear & Freesia Reed Diffuser.

            How to use Maya Reed Diffuser?
            Place the stick that came with your reed diffuser into the bottle in order to absorb Maya Reed Diffuser. If the user want the diffuser to diffuse quicker you can easily flip the stick over and place Maya Reed Diffuser into the place where you want to create the beautiful atmosphere.

            Size of room?
            The ability of diffuser to diffuse the scents depends on where you placed Maya Reed Diffuser such as, humidity , air flow way in the room.
            Maya Reed Diffuser is suitable for the space between 8-20 square meter.

            Duration of Maya Reed Diffuser?
            Maya Reed Diffuser can be use approximately 1-2 month for 100 ml. size. Nevertheless, it also depends on many factors such as, the scents, number of reed stick used, stick flip while using, and room temperature.

            In case of too strong scent or weak scent?
            Number of stick used matters!
            More stick used, More strong scents!
            In case of too strong scents – you can decrease the number of stick while using.
            In case of too weak scents – you can increase the number of the stick while using and often flipping the stick in order to stimulate the diffuser to diffuse more scents.

            In case that not using the room for too long?
            Pull out all of the stick out of the bottle and dry it in order to decrease the humidity in the stick, close the bottle cap while you not using it in order to avoid prevent the perfume’s evaporation, and store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

            Maya Reed Diffuser can be use with Aroma Burner or Aroma Ultrasonic Burner?
            Do not using Maya Reed Diffuser with the aroma burner or aroma ultrasonic diffuser due to its qualification is served for using with Reed Diffuser only.

            Safety information
            - Any spills or drips should be wiped up immediately
            - Liquid may cause damage to painted, stained or plastic surfaces.
            - keep out of the reach of children
            - External use only


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